For more than a quarter of a century, around the world, dogs have been successfully bred using chilled semen dispatched by courier within and between countries. In the USA shipped chilled semen is routinely used to breed bitches to dogs thousands of miles away and stud dogs on the show circuit to continue their duties from anywhere in the country.

The CLONE Chilled Semen System has been used for 25 years to produce many thousands of litters especially in North America. Used with care it has often proven even more successful than natural breeding. Its unique buffer solutions can actually enhance the survival properties of the sperm by correcting many of the common problems encountered in canine semen.

The CLONE Chilled Semen Kit is available to vets and breeders. No special training is needed to use it contains clear instructions as well as all the equipment required for collection, chilled preservation, shipping, activation and simple vaginal insemination of the semen. . Good quality semen typically remains viable for 48 - 72 hours (sometimes longer) during transport and is often as good on arrival as when it was collected.

Using this system, from over 11,000 inseminations all around the world, the conception rate has been around 86 %. When inseminated by CLONE personnel using progesterone blood tests to identify the most fertile period for breeding, this reached over 94 %. No other system has claimed better results. Natural mating typically achieves conception rates of 80 to 85%.

Subject to export health requirements, this system can be confidently used to export canine semen from the UK. For semen entering the UK, import restrictions limit its use to stud dogs with an up to date pet passport.

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The CLONE Chilled Semen Kit is available from all CLONE offices including UK CLONE