The UK CLONE Sperm Bank

UK CLONE Sperm Bank holds frozen semen from stud dogs representing dozens of breeds from many countries. Most has been frozen in our laboratory and much of the remainder in other CLONE offices around the world. We store semen from top stud dogs of earlier decades through to young promising stars of the future.

The semen is stored in large flasks of liquid nitrogen at -196° centigrade. In this condition it can remain viable for hundreds of years.

Careful labelling and meticulous record keeping allows us to keep track of and account for each individual straw of semen from freezing to testing, storage to insemination or on transfer around the world to other reputable sperm banks or a vet for insemination.

Whilst most of the semen in our sperm bank is held on behalf of stud dog owners we also hold significant stocks of imported semen for clients awaiting the right time to inseminate their chosen bitch.