Whilst breeding bitches can visit your stud dog and his fertility is intact, all is well. But what happens if he is ill, loses his fertility or even when he eventually passes away? Acquired sterility and poor fertility are much more common problems in dogs than you might think. Many dogs lose their potency with age and many stud owners wish they had frozen semen from their best dogs in their reproductive prime. Quality frozen semen from an important sire can be an insurance against losing him from stud and a valuable breeding resource long, long into the future.

Frozen semen from a stud living far away, even on the other side of the world, can be ready to use whenever you need it. Since 1983 the CLONE system has provided the quality and technology required to make frozen semen preparation, storage and use practical, economic and of unrivalled reliability. The leading organisation in frozen semen in the world, CLONE has consistently delivered exceptionally high conception rates.

At UK CLONE we collect and freeze semen

The procedures for collecting, freezing, storing, shipping and using the semen, is as simple for you as it is safe for your stud dog.