Frozen Semen

Non-surgical insemination of frozen-thawed semen requires that we pass through the cervix to deposit it directly into the uterus. Fibre-optic endoscopes similar to those used in key-hole surgery allow us to visualise the cervix which can, in larger breeds, be more than 25 cm forward from the vulva. With the correct equipment, training and skills we can, in most bitches, visualize the cervix, and inseminate through it with a narrow soft plastic catheter.
No general anaesthetic is required and in our experience few bitches even require the optional light sedation.

Chilled Semen

Excellent conception results can be achieved with chilled and fresh semen by depositing it deep into the vagina using a simple semi-rigid insemination tube. We can also non-surgically inseminate chilled semen directly into the uterus to further increase conception rates and also probably average litter size especially where the bitch may be of less than ideal fertility.

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