The enviable health status of UK dogs and the quality of breeding stock in this country creates strong demand around the world for some UK bloodlines. Exporting frozen or chilled semen is widely practiced by owners of top UK stud dogs and breeders reluctant to export puppies or adult stock.

The CLONE system has probably been responsible for more litters produced by chilled shipped semen than any other in the world – around 10,000 in the USA alone. In the UK chilled semen is often simpler to export than to import. Timing, transport and correct paperwork are always vitally important..

At UK Clone we are available to advise and assist breeders with chilled semen export. We can collect, chill and dispatch the semen for you arranging all the official health tests and paperwork if required. Alternatively we can supply a Clone Chilled Semen Kit. Widely used around the world with excellent results these include all the equipment required for breeders or vets to collect, process, chill and ship canine semen. All you need to arrange is the courier service and the export paperwork and certification.

Frozen semen not only allows a stud to continue work at home after he is gone but also to sire litters around the world as demand dictates. As well as collecting, evaluating and freezing semen we can put it in store whilst making arrangements to export some or all of it to your breeder clients. All you need to do is sort out the breeding arrangements and contracts.